Holy Grail Concealer

Sleeping the full recommended 8 hours can be difficult for some of us (me). For some reason I have so much more energy at night than during the day making me prone to dark circles. Normal concealer is amazing and definitely has a purpose but, I always had trouble covering under my eyes completely. Nyx Dark Circle Concealer in the shade light is my saving … Continue reading Holy Grail Concealer

Valentine’s Day Eyeshadow

Hello, again everyone! I know today some of you may not like or care about Valentine’s Day, and others are in love with it. I am personally indifferent about the day. I can take it or leave it so long as I get the discounted chocolates the next day. Although you won’t see me out and about with valentine’s or hearts or roses, I will … Continue reading Valentine’s Day Eyeshadow

The Best Primer Isn’t A Primer

Hello again. I want to share with you a tip that I have picked up in the last few years that has actually really helped me with my foundation. When I first started wearing makeup I was always drawn to more full coverage foundation. People all over the Internet have been raving over so many types of foundations that it can be intimidating. I just … Continue reading The Best Primer Isn’t A Primer