Make Your Basics Unique

Hello, again. Sometimes I struggle to find the perfect outfit to wear for the day. As I’ve mentioned in other posts, I tend to feel stuck and bored in my wardrobe. Since I do not have the time or the money to buy different products, I use what I’ve already got. Some of my favorite outfits are made up of different pieces that I already own.

I have built an outfit with the most basic pieces in my closet and still feel great and confident in what I’m wearing. In this outfit featured I have paired a simple black V-neck T-shirt with dark wash skinny jeans. These items have been part of my wardrobe for so long that I do not know where I purchased them from. However, this doesn’t matter because these are classic pieces that can be found everywhere, including the thrift store.

It was a little chilly this day so I decided to throw my gray duster cardigan from Primark. Tis cardigan is actually super soft and I love that there are pockets on it. The length can be a little too long for some people but you can find different versions of this at so many places. I love this thing because it’s basically an acceptable way for me to wear a robe in public. I think this also pulls the outfit together and brings a little bit of a trend into the look.

For shoes, I wore my Adidas Slip-On shoes that have memory foam inside. These are my most comfortable pair of shoes that I own. I just checked and these shoes are no longer available on the Adidas website but, I didn’t purchase these from an Adidas store. It’s a random place that people never guess but, I bought these from Costco! It was just a random Saturday at Costco when I saw these shoes and fell in love. The best part was that these shoes were only $25 even though they are listed as $55 on the Adidas website.

Mixing in small elements that may be a little more trendy to an outfit completely changes the vibe. It’s a little different than what other people might normally see. Make sure your wardrobe includes classic and timeless pieces in order to mix them with modern pieces.

Stay awesome,



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