Overnight Heatless Curls and Waves

If you ever want to wake up with beautifully curled hair I suggest using heatless curling methods. I began to use these methods myself when I was growing my hair out to donate. I wanted to keep my hair as healthy as possible by reducing the amount of heat I use on my hair. I spent so much time teaching myself how to braid hair and curl it without heat since I get bored of wearing the same hairstyle everyday. For every method you need to have damp hair, so I recommend taking a shower then doing this before you go to sleep.

Method 1: I recommend applying some sort of smoothing serum or cream before going to the next step. After you have done that, make sure your hair is free of tangles because this will help the end result come out better. From here, part your hair into two and french braid each half. If you cannot french braid your own hair either ask a friend or try out method two. This will leave you with luscious wavy hair. My one tip is that you do not brush your hair after taking out the braids, it will leave your hair frizzy and huge. I suggest using your fingers to separate the pieces of hair to get more volume.

Method 2: This has all the same steps as method one, except instead of French braiding each half, twist your hair in sections beginning at the front of your head. It’s the same idea as a french braid in that you slowly add sections of hair to the main section the only difference is that it’s twists! This method will leave you with wavy and almost curly hair. It is a great alternative to those who can’t French braid.

Method 3: I recommend supplying yourself with a bunch of bobby pins or hair ties before you begin this method. For this you will need to take sections of your hair, any size you want depending on how curly you want your hair to be, and wrap the hair around your finger all the way to the root. Then secure this hair with either bobby pins or hair ties, depending on what you feel comfortable sleeping in. This will leave your hair the curliest out of all three options. I also recommend taking extreme caution when taking your hair out the next morning. Do not brush your hair, this will only result in extremely frizzy and unruly hair. I suggest taking the time to separate the pieces by hand and twisting them to maintain the shape. I have done this before with extremely small sections and I have never had such curly hair before in my life! The only downside is how time consuming this method is. If you do choose to do this, prepare a movie or a Netflix binge before you begin.

I hope you learned a new way to get curly and wavy hair without causing heat damage to your beautiful hair.

Stay awesome,



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