Spring #OOTD

Hello, world! Spring is finally upon us, meaning cold winter fashion is out and fun spring outfits are in. I wanted to share some inspiration for an outfit since the weather has been pretty nice out. It can be so difficult to actually know how to dress some days because of the dramatic change in temperature throughout the day. For one of my classes I had to look nice for a presentation so, I decided to make it my outfit for the day.

I decided to go with a simple dress that had long sleeves that way I could be a little warmer in the morning when it is still a bit chilly out. The dress I am wearing is from Forever 21 but I believe a similar dress could be found at many other stores. I paired it with my ribbon ballet flats that I purchased from Primark. Both of these items are things in my wardrobe that I don’t wear too often but should. I feel that it can be difficult to find the perfect occasion to wear these to.

I decided that this outfit need my black Quay Australia sunglasses in the style Modern Love. Unfortunately these are not available anymore but there are so many different sunglasses available at Quay that you probably won’t mind too much. I’ve posted these on my Instagram because these are my favorite sunglasses. I am absolutely obsessed with Quay Australia and I wish I could just own every single pair that they make.


I love simple outfits like this because of the minimal amount of pieces. Whenever I wear a dress it’s the quickest I get ready during the week. I hope this outfit has inspired some of you to break out a spring dress and enjoy the weather.


Stay awesome,



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