Nume Lustrum Curling Wand Set Review

I have been obsessed with curling my hair since I was a little girl. Every picture day I would make sure I put my rollers in the night before to have amazing curly hair. I am not a person who likes to spend too much money on one item, so when I’ve purchased curling irons in the past, they have been very cheap. For the longest time, I was using a $20 curling iron from Target. The curling iron got the job done and actually is a decent product for the price.

However, I eventually became tired of the type of curls this curling iron produced so, I began to look into different products. I went onto YouTube and looked up tutorials on how to achieve the curly hair that I wanted. Soon, I found hair tutorials and reviews featuring the NuMe Lustrum curling wand set. This is a curling wand that has interchangeable barrels that allowed you to achieve different types of curls. Each barrel varies in size as well as shape, giving you the option for so many different looks. However, there was one problem: it costs $249.

As I said before, I don’t like spending a lot of money on one thing making it really difficult to justify purchasing this. Instead of just leaving NuMe’s website and forgetting about the curling wands forever, I joined its mailing list. I wanted to know if it offered deals or had sales on any of the products. I held off making the purchase for months until I found out that NuMe offered amazing savings for Black Friday and the holiday season. When I bought this product it was only about $90 and it came with free shipping. If you are looking for a good curling iron and are considering this one, do not buy it full price. There are not just Black Friday savings, but other seasonal savings are offered. Have patience and save some money on this product.

After I bought this set, I quickly realized how amazing it actually is. When I curl my hair with this wand, my hair feels and looks smoother which, I didn’t think was possible after using heat on my hair. The curls always look amazing and I can achieve so many different looks in a shorter amount of time. With my old curling iron, it would take me up to 2 hours to completely curl my hair. The NuMe curling wands heat up to 410°F/210°C which means it’s very hot and curls hair in seconds. I used to hold my hair in the curling iron for close to a minute so, this product cuts down on curling time dramatically. Also, if you are worried about burning yourself, it comes with a heat resistant glove.

The Lustrum set is available for US, AU, and EU power outlets and is dual voltage meaning many people can buy it and bring it on their travels. If you would prefer even more curling options, I suggest checking out the Octowand set from NuMe. Maybe you just want one of these curling wands and not a set, wands are also sold individually on the website. However, one curling wand can go for $139 and up, making purchasing a set a better value.

I can now create different looks so effortlessly and in a shorter amount of time than I thought was possible. I don’t think I’ll have to worry about buying a curling iron any time soon. Also, this company does not sponsor me; I just genuinely like its product.

Stay awesome,



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