Slip-On Sneakers Are For Every Occasion

I know that I have already written of my unwavering love for sneakers but, this post is different. I need to share with you how you can wear your comfortable slip-on sneakers for an endless amount of occasions. These shoes may seem very casual but they can actually be dressed up and made appropriate for work or even a fancy dress event.

When I purchased my sneakers (they are the ones in the picture), I knew that I could wear them with all of my jeans, which is basically my daily uniform. Since I’ve had these shoes, I’ve realized that they have so much more potential.

Of course, a pretty standard outfit for these shoes would be a pair of skinny jeans and a T-shirt. You can vary this look with a different range of T-shirts and jeans. You can wear light wash distressed jeans with a white V-neck shirt and your slip-on sneakers of choice and have a completely different outfit. It’s all about how creative you are with the pieces that you already own.

If you wanted to wear these shoes to work, I recommend skipping the jeans for a straight leg trouser. I think black slip-on sneakers would look great with black trousers and a crisp white button down. You can jazz it up with accessories or be a little more bold with that button down, with this or this.

Now, if you want to wear slip-on sneakers to a pretty formal event, I recommend going in an uncommon direction. Go for a suit instead of a dress! Many female celebrities have shown that suits are not just for boys, and they rock it. If you need any suit inspiration, I suggest that you look at Janelle Monae. She has worn many suits to many different occasions and nailed it every time.

Go on and buy that pair of slip-on sneakers, you won’t regret their comfort and versatility.

Stay awesome,



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