Holy Grail Concealer

Sleeping the full recommended 8 hours can be difficult for some of us (me). For some reason I have so much more energy at night than during the day making me prone to dark circles. Normal concealer is amazing and definitely has a purpose but, I always had trouble covering under my eyes completely.

Nyx Dark Circle Concealer in the shade light is my saving grace. It is not a product that looks as if it will match my skin when looking at the container. However, the peach tone to this concealer is what makes it so amazing. Its color cancels out the dark blueish tones of my dark circles.

Even though it has the power to cancel out these colors, it still somehow manages to blend in with the rest of my skin. I do not particularly understand this but I’m not mad about it. Some days, when I’m in a rush and want to appear a little more awake, I only apply this concealer then set it with powder. I can skip the foundation and just use this product if I really want to. On my simple makeup days, as well as my full glam days, I always use this concealer, so test it out for yourself.

Stay awesome,



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