Let’s Bat Some Eyelashes

Hello, again! Today I’m going to share with you a simple way to get lashes that look long and curled. I think that we all have a preference on how we like our lashes to look. Sometimes, however, we may wonder how to change our look or if a new product could help.

Ever since I started wearing makeup, I would use whatever mascara I could get my hands on. I would layer up multiple different kinds and hope for the best. Now, I have found the one mascara that I have and will repurchase over  and over again.

I currently use Maybelline the mega plush volume express hydro proof mascara. This stuff is water proof and amazing. It has quickly become my favorite because of the application and the overall look that’s achieved afterwards.

The first thing I do before I actually apply the mascara, is curl my lashes. This makes a huge difference and allows for the mascara to do an even better job. After I curl my lashes, I apply a few coats of mascara. A little trick that I’ve learned is to have two of the same kind of mascara and make sure one is newer than the other. I first apply the one that is a little older and more dried out, then I apply the newer one to get more product on the lashes. I then go back with the one that’s older and separate my lashes. I try to make sure that they are as separated voluminous as possible. That is how you achieve a better mascara application and overall look of your eyelashes.

Stay awesome,



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