Foundation Routine

Hello, world. Do you ever wonder which foundation is right for you? I know I have. Throughout the years and all of the trials and errors I have found which type of foundation works best for me. Maybe what I’m going to share with you will help you figure out how to get flawless skin.

When I first started wearing foundation I used MAC liquid foundation. This is a full coverage foundation that I used to love. However, my skin and I have evolved and learned a lot since then. Now, I wear light to medium coverage foundations because it works for my skin.

I am currently going between two foundations. One is the Charlottle Tilbury Light Wonder foundation in the shade 4. I have never worn a foundation that makes my skin look and feel so smooth and flawless before. The only reason I don’t wear it daily is because of the price. I live in the United States, but when I travelled to London I had to stop by Charlotte Tilbury to see what all the fuss was about. The people that work there are amazing and helpful and wanted what was best product for my skin even though that wasn’t what I was asking for. Even though they are lovely people and a great company, $46 is just a little too expensive for it to be my everyday product.

On the average day I will use Stila Illuminating Liquid Foundation. I actually found this foundation at Marshalls for only $12 instead of its retail price of $38. I think it was such an amazing deal especially since it such anamazing product. It is also light coverage and also leaves my skin feeling smooth. However, there is just something about it that can’t compare to the Charlotte Tilbury foundation.

When I apply these foundations I either use the Real Techniques foundation brush  or their blending sponge. I feel as though the sponge does a little bit better of a job but it takes more time. So when I am rushing in the morning, I use the brush. I make sure to blend the foundation into my skin and down my neck a little. I do not want there to be any harsh lines from my foundation. The look is a little dewy and bright, which I love.

Stay awesome,



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