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Hello friends. As I previously mentioned in my article on sneakers, I studied abroad last semester. I was so lucky to have the opportunity and the support from my family to do so. While I lived in London for three and a half months, I was able to travel to a few other nearby countries. A downside to traveling is packing. I absolutely dread packing and I am terrible at it. I always bring too many clothes that I never wear, although it had come in handy on one occasion. After last year however, I feel like I’m getting a little bit better at packing because I have found my staple travel outfit.

When I pack, depending on the climate, I always start with jeans. In the summer or when I travel to warmer places, I pack jean shorts. I know this may be an unpopular opinion, especially among college students but, jeans are the most comfortable thing for me to wear. When I am not wearing jeans I personally feel like a bum and it’s typically on my dressed down days. For packing and traveling purposes, I think jeans are important to bring because of how versatile they are.

The next thing I pack is a simple shirt. It is probably a black V-neck T-shirt or something very similar. I try not to be too trendy when I travel because I find it’s easier and I don’t have to think too much about what to pair it with. Also, I don’t want to be spending a lot of time thinking about what pieces look best with what. I like to pack items that can all go together. I don’t really like to plan out what I’m going to wear each day because it honestly depends on my mood. I think it’s kind of stressful to plan out each day far in advance.

The shoes I pack are normally just my Converse and something I could go out in. I bring my converse instead of walking or running shoes because I feel like they go with everything better and I’ve worn them in so much they won’t hurt. While abroad I also brought my black bomber jacket with me to every place I went. I didn’t want to have to bring my heavy winter coat to the colder places (even though I probably should have) and I didn’t want to go without a light jacket in the warmer places. It ended up being the perfect jacket for my travels. In the featured picture you can see my standard outfit for sight seeing. It was simple and easy, especially on those days of three AM flights and no sleep.

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3 thoughts on “Go To Travel Outfit

  1. I get it. When I travel I wear sneakers, jeans and T-shirts. I walk a lot and need good foot support, jeans are sturdy and T-shirts are comfortable. I need to be comfortable otherwise the greatest sightseeing is no fun.


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