Birthday Outfit Ideas

Hello lovelies! It’s my birthday week and we all know what that means: great outfits for great celebrations. Personally, I sometimes need a little help and inspiration for my outfits because I can get stuck doing the same combinations over and over again. I am going to share with you some of my looks for this week and hopefully give you some inspiration for your own birthdays. I will show you a variation of looks; it will range from a casual dinner out to a nice night out with your friends!


So when you want to have a casual dinner for your birthday I recommend starting with jeans. I absolutely love jeans! They are casual yet dressy all depending on how you style them. So, for this look I paired some dark wash skinny jeans with a grey long sleeve mock turtleneck shirt. I actually hate real turtlenecks because they make me feel claustrophobic so I buy shirts that aren’t so constricting. For the shoes I decided to wear my black Chelsea boots, which are very comfortable. The shoes make the outfit a little more formal but, if you want an even more casual look, I suggest a pair of slip on sneakers. If you wanted to wear jewelry with this look I would recommend keeping it simple. Add a few rings, simple stud earrings, and maybe a cute bangle.


The next look is a little more formal but not too much since it does include leggings. I paired the black leggings with a knit V-neck tunic that has slits in the sides. I decided this look needed over-the-knee boots. These shoes are black stretch boots that are fitted to the leg. The heel is only about an inch, so they’re not difficult to walk in or painful at all. Elevate this look with some fun jewelry! Wear your favorite choker or even layer up the necklaces! I would also add some stud earrings but you could whatever ones you choose.


For the final and more formal look I decided to break out the softest thing I own: my pink faux fur vest. This vest is amazing because the color is just the right shade of pink and it has pockets! (Side note: I didn’t realize it had pockets until after I bought it and wore it twice, but it was the greatest thing when I did find out). Also, I couldn’t decide between this pink vest and the black version of it so I bought them both, thank you Macy’s sales! The dress is a dark grey bodycon with a matching overlay and keyhole back. This is one of the items in my closet that I’ve purchased and haven’t found the perfect occasion to wear it, until now. Again, I decided that over-the-knee boots would look great with this look, but also be a bit warmer since it is winter. These are also black, but are not stretch; they stay up on their own and have a taller heel. I have to say these boots are very cute but can get a little painful after a few hours of standing. Accessorize to your liking, but I suggest keeping it minimal.
I hope these looks help you get inspired! If you need any help or want any suggestions feel free to leave a comment.

Stay awesome,



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